SmashMasters 5 (June 5th 2017)


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SmashMasters 5 Singles Rules

YOUR GAMER TAG GOES HERE - http://bit.ly/2dRZuiR

SIGN UP FOR MCING MATCHES HERE - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UPTPC9Lku2V8Us9AIi3JzT1HUQO75H6vgaiHzk2ez84/edit?usp=sharing

The Google Drive for uploading and MCing matches is here (DO NOT CLICK UNLESS YOU ARE ABOUT TO MC THEM) - https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B4NRZrnx89elTXFXWVhlM3Mxckk

The commentary Google Drive folder for uploading your commentary is here - https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B4NRZrnx89elQUtiWFoxZUk2Nm8

Our sites:

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNVWHPVmO-l_7Dms24ml-nw

Twitter - https://twitter.com/SmashMastersGG

Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/smashmastersgg

Below, you will find things you should know about this tournament, including the format, rules, and when I hope to start recording.


This tournament will use a Double Elimination bracket.

Deadline for matches  is 4 days for A set. If your match does not get done by the deadline, the player who showed up on time the most or did the most to get the match done, etc, will move on.

If something comes up or you have something important to take care of, I can extend the deadline for your match, MAKE SURE TO TELL ME AND YOUR OPPONENT IMMEDIATELY! Other than that no extensions. If you need and extension you MUST let me know IMMEDIATELY! If not, you will NOT get an extension.

Sets will be best 2 of 3, except for Winners Semis, Losers Top 8, and onward will be best 3 of 5. Once you lose two sets in the bracket, you will be eliminated from the tournament.

All sets will be 2 stock, 6 minute time limit, no character lock, no items, no customs, no excessive stalling, losing player of the match gets counter pick characters and stage. REMEMBER DAVE'S STUPID RULE & GENTLEMEN'S CLAUSE ARE IN EFFECT.

If there is a timeout, the player with the MOST stocks wins. If players have the SAME amount of stocks, the player with the LEAST percent wins.

Mii's ARE allowed. Any move-set, and any size.

Separate Skype groups will be made for the matches, so I can monitor them and other things. You MUST use them so I can be able to KEEP TRACK of everything. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

For the first match of each set players can EITHER agree on a stage, if they CANNOT they will have to stage strike  from the 5 STARTER STAGES ONLY until one stage remains, and that will be the stage you will start your set on.

For recording the matches, BOTH PLAYERS MUST SAVE EACH REPLAY OF EACH GAME TO TRY TO ENSURE WE LOSE NO GAMEPLAY, and then send them to someone who will be recording them (Marlz44, ElekidKing, etc.) and LABEL THEM G1, G2, G3. 


The players will have the option barring top 8 to live record the set if they have the means, no 3rd party allowed in the room. Otherwise usual replay saves. If a recording is lost or corrupted, the players get one chance to replay it if it's before top 12, after that point we will need the set recorded in some way, for obvious reasons. 

Pre top 8 the players will have to replay the entire set after 24 hours for an equal opportunity. No sooner then the next day, or next available work break day! Top 8 players can replay unlimited times if a recording issue happens. If there are any discretions from a player they will need to let us know immediately if they can't meet the time limit, why, and tell us the earliest they can do it.

Recording sets will be: Top of WR1 (First 3 Sets) > Bottom of WR1 (Next 3 Sets) > Top of WR2 (First 4 Sets) > Bottom of WR2 (Next 4 Sets) > WinnersQuarters > Top of LR1 (First 3) > Bottom of LR1 (Next 3) > LR2 > LR3 > LR4 > WinnersSemis > LosersQuarters > WinnersFinals/LosersSemis > LosersFinals > GrandFinals.Recording limit 24 hours unless theres a work schedule that needs to be abided by, the match MUST be played by that date within 7 days.

ALL ADMINS will be added to each chat, to help to remind players before their match starts to SAVE THE REPLAYS, to ensure less loss of replays and gameplay.

The person recording the match will SD at the start, and then the match will begin immediately afterwards. This is to ensure the least amount of lag along with making sure we keep the most important matches incase a replay wasn't saved. 

Players MUST NOT UPDATE THE BRACKET, AND MUST NOT TELL ANYONE THE RESULTS EXCEPT FOR Marlz44, to prevent spoilers until matches are Mc'd.


Modified DSR (cannot go back to only the most recent stage you won on, does not include all stages you've won on [eg if you won Game 1 and 2 on different stages then lost Game 3 {best of 5} Game 4 you are allowed to go to the stage you played Game 1 if the opponent doesn't ban it. DSR will automatically ban the stage from Game 2.]) + 1 Ban after Game 1

Striking order: highest seed bans starters first, 1+2+1



~Final Destination


~Town & City

~Lylat Cruise


~Omegas (only Wily, Suzaku, and Omega Halberd will be legal) *if FD is banned by the player or DSR, omegas will also be banned

~Dreamland 64 *if Battlefield is banned by player or DSR, DL will also be banned

Gentleman's clause is allowed for banned stages, both players must not only agree but also tell whichever admin is monitoring them that they are doing this.


For each set, the commentators will provide live commentary using Skype while watching the replays that will be on Google Drive. 

Commentary will need to be done as soon as possible, we will announce when we have sets on YouTube unlisted for commentary and there will be a 24 hour time limit on sign up, and then 24 hours/till first available work break limit, if it can't be met, anyone is allowed to commentate it.

Dregoon suggested we should aspire to have a different pairing of two commentators per set, so sign ups will be in pairs so we know who's done it with who. Top 8 Commentary should be reserved only to the most trustworthy, that won't have issues with availability or any controversy in their commentary.

I also need each commentator to record their commentary and send me the file after each match is complete. This will be done to ensure the best audio results possible. (If you can't you'll have to commentate with someone who can record your audio too)

In addition, please try not to swear during matches. If you do by accident, oh well, it happens.

Also, remember to do a SYNC TEST with the audio counting down from 6, so I can sync up the audio when editing, also a SYNC TESTwith the video to sync that too.

Before the tournament begins Marlz44 & some other players will interview EACH PLAYER about different things about them and such. They will have to record their own audio (if possible) to ensure the best quality.

If it CAN be live recorded, then do so (ONLY UP TO TOP 8, NONE IN TOP 8)

If it cannot be live recorded, save the replay and do post-commentary like usual.


What this also means is we shouldn't force people to all work together if schedules don't work with both the players and whoever could record. if not possible, replays should work out

If any sets are missing, they could be replayed the next day (or one chance in a week if work really gets in the way)

Admins will be monitoring sets and such to ensure ALL REPLAYS ARE SAVED

And commentary similar deal. the original people who’d like to commentate a set get 48 hours to do so before anyone else can take over so it gets done, unless work could be an issue, then week max

 The earliest we start uploading SM5 is during Top 8 of it, that way its recent. The most important thing here is this: AS SOON AS COMMENTARY IS RECORDED, IT MUST BE UPLOADED IMMEDIATELY.

Otherwise while sets don't need to go up until top 8 starts, stuff should be put together and edited so we aren't looking for files later. Then uploaded to YouTube on unlisted until it's time


I would like to begin recording at *****(DATE GOES HERE)*****. If you will NOT be available right away, OR at certain times, please notify meIMMEDIATELY.

Thank you for reading through this long message! Please reply and let me know you have read the rules. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about this tournament. Good luck, and I look forward to smashing with you in the coming months!

(NOTE: I will get everyone to sign up once I've gotten all the players for the tourney)

- Marlz44 - host. Have fun! :D

Final Results

Supreme Champion: link14
Worthy Adversary: nyannavi
Maybe Next Time: NagasVoice

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