SmashMasters III Singles (Starting February 8th, 2016)

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SmashMasters III Singles Rules

Hello and welcome everyone! Are you ready to Smash? Well you better be! Welcome to SmashMasters III, a competitive recorded Smash tournament inspired by The World Cup of Brawl and LagFest II.


The MC Google Drive (Folder 1) for MCing matches (DO NOT CLICK UNLESS YOU ARE ABOUT TO MC THEM) - https://goo.gl/fcmiGK

YOUR GAMER TAG GOES HERE - https://goo.gl/36W5zq

Our sites:

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNVWHPVmO-l_7Dms24ml-nw

Twitter - https://twitter.com/SmashMastersGG

Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/smashmastersgg

Below, you will find things you should know about this tournament, including the format, rules, and when I hope to start recording.


This bracket will use a double-elimination format. If you lose two sets, you are eliminated. Because of the double-elimination there is a losers bracket and a winners bracket.

If you lose in the winners bracket you go into the losers bracket, if you lose there you are eliminated, pretty simple right? Now the winning team of the losers bracket will get to fight the winning team of the winners bracket for the championship match!

Deadline for matches are 2 weeks, if your match does not get done by the deadline, the player who showed up on time the most or did the most to get the match done, etc, will move on.

If something comes up or you have something important to take care of, I can extend the deadline for your match, other than that no extensions. If you need and extension you MUST let me know IMMEDIATELY! If not, you will not get an extension.

The player that gets to move on by this will be required to fight a CPU in a Bo3 or Bo5 (Depending on the round) for footage to show, but whether the player wins or loses against the CPU does not matter, he/she still moves on regardless.

Each set will be best 2 of 3, EXCEPT for the winners semis, winners finals, losers top 8, losers quarters, losers semis, losers finals, and grand finals, which will all be best 3 of 5. 

All sets will be 2 stock, 6 minute time limit, no character lock, no items, no customs, no excessive stalling, losing player of the match gets counter pick characters and stage, with the winning player banning two stages.

If there is a timeout, the player with the MOST stocks wins. If players have the SAME amount of stocks, the player with the LEAST percent wins.

Mii's ARE allowed. Any move-set, and any size.

Separate Skype groups will be made for the matches, so I can monitor them and other things. You MUST use them so I can do what I NEED to do.

For the first match of each set players can EITHER agree on a stage, if they CANNOT they will have to stage strike  from the 5 STARTER STAGES ONLY until one stage remains, and that will be the stage you will start your set on.

For recording the matches, ALL PLAYERS MUST SAVE EACH MATCH, and then one or both players (if needed) send the replays to Marlz44 & whoever will be recording the replays IMMEDIATELY. Players MUST LABEL them "name vs name g1", "name vs name g2", etc.

I will also need to know what stages were banned inbetween which games, so pleas DM that to me after the bans come through during your set.

If a mistake happens where both players don't save a replay, they will redo ONLY that game and they MUST USE the EXACT same character and stage that they used in that game.

Players MUST NOT UPDATE THE BRACKET, AND MUST NOT TELL ANYONE THE RESULTS EXCEPT FOR Marlz44, to prevent spoilers until matches are Mc'd.


Starter Stages:

- BattleField
- Final Destination (Includes all omega forms)
- Smashville
- Town & City

- Lylat Cruise

Counterpick Stages:

- Delfino Plaza
- DreamLand 64
- Duck Hunt

- Umbra Clock Tower

Strike Order For Starter Stage ONLY:

Player 1 strikes 1 stage.
Player 2 Strikes 2 stages.
Player 1 Strikes 1 stage.

This way, you reach your first stage through eliminating the rest.

Counterpicks are not available in the first game.

Second game onwards flowchart:

Loser's Pick ---The winner of the previous match gets to strike two stages from the stage list. The loser of the previous match then chooses a stage from the stage list.
  1. Winner bans two stages.
  2. Losing player picks the stage.
  3. Winner chooses his/her character.
  4. Loser chooses his/her character.

BEFORE striking the starter stages, players will do rock, paper, scissors on THIS SITE: http://roshambo.me/ , to decide who gets the first stage strike. 

Or you can flip a coin on THIS SITEhttps://goo.gl/dDzBMO , to decide who gets the first stage strike.

Gentleman's Clause --- This rule allows players to play on any stage, regardless of any other stage rules, if BOTH players agree on the stage.

Dave's Stupid Rule --- This rule prevents players from picking a stage that they've already won on during this set, unless overruled by Gentleman's Clause.


For each set, the commentators will provide live commentary using Skype while watching the replays that will be on Google Drive (Link will be provided in the chat on Skype that leads to the drive). 

I also need each commentator to record their commentary and send me the file after each match is complete. This will be done to ensure the best audio results possible. (If you can't you'll have to commentate with someone who can record your audio too)

In addition, please try not to swear during matches. If you do by accident, oh well, it happens.

Also, remember to do a SYNC TEST with the audio counting down from 6, so I can sync up the audio when editing, also a SYNC TEST with the video to sync that too.

After each round, there will be 3 - 4 people that will analyze all the matches from that round. They will watch the replays before hand, and can keep them open and re-watch them while talking and analyzing.

Analysts are allowed to point out certain spots and describe what  happened, what the players could have done, etc. (I will replay that clip during that time so MENTION the time it happened and what happened so I know)

Remember you're analyzing, so try not to do it like you're MCing a match, it is different. So talk about what they do, what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are, what they could have done, what they should work on for next round/who they are fighting against, etc.

After a set is complete, Marlz44 will interview the player that won, about their win against the player they beat.


I would like to begin recording early 2016, in February. If you will NOT be available right away, OR at certain times, please notify me IMMEDIATELY.

Thank you for reading through this long message! Please reply and let me know you have read the rules. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about this tournament. Good luck, and I look forward to smashing with you in the coming months!

(NOTE: I will get everyone to sign up once I've gotten all the players for the tourney)

- Marlz44 - host. Have fun! :D

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