SmashMasters II Singles (June 2015)

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SmashMasters II Singles Rules

Hello and welcome everyone! Are you ready to Smash? Well you better be! Welcome to SmashMasters II, a competitive recorded Smash tournament inspired by The World Cup of Brawl and LagFest II.

Our sites:

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNVWHPVmO-l_7Dms24ml-nw

Twitter - https://twitter.com/SmashMastersGG

Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/smashmastersgg

Below, you will find things you should know about this tournament, including the format, rules, and when I hope to start recording. There will be 20 to 24 players in this tournament. 

This bracket will use a double-elimination format. If you lose two sets, you are eliminated. Because of the double-elimination there is a losers bracket and a winners bracket.

If you lose in the winners bracket you go into the losers bracket, if you lose there you are eliminated, pretty simple right? Now the winner of the losers bracket will get to fight the winner of the winners bracket for the championship match!

Each match will be best 2 of 3, except for the losers semis, winners semis, losers finals, winners finals, and grand finals, which will be best 3 of 5. 

All sets will be 2 stock, 6 minute time limit, no character lock, no items, no customs, no excessive stalling, loser of the match gets counter pick character and stage, with the winner banning two stages.

Mii's are allowed, but they can ONLY be the standard moveset, 1 - 1 - 1 - 1.

For the first match of each set players can either agree on a stage, if they cannot they will have to stage strike until one stage remains and that will be the starting stage from the starter stages.

For all matches a third & fourth player will enter the match as narrators so they can watch the fight. When the match begins, the two combatants MUST remain in the usual 1v1 spot until the narrators have suicided. When the finishes suiciding the combatants start the match.

All stages NOT included in this list are banned.
- Battlefield
- Final Destination (Includes all omega forms)
- Delfino Plaza
- Lylat Cruise
- Town And City
- Smashville
- Duck Hunt
- Kongo Jungle 64

- Castle Siege

- Dream Land 64

The 5 starter stages if you CANNOT agree on any above:

- BattleField

- Final Destination (Includes all omega forms)

- Delfino Plaza

- Smashville

- Town & City

Strike order for starting stages ONLY:

  1. Player 1 strikes 1 stage.
  2. Player 2 Strikes 2 stages.
  3. Player 1 Strikes 1 stage.
Gentleman's Clause --- This rule allows players to play on any stage, regardless of any other stage rules, if both players agree on the stage.

During each match, the commentators will provide live commentary using Skype. I also need each commentator to record their commentary and send me the file after each match is complete. This will be done to ensure the best audio results possible.

The players fighting in the match will NOT be commentating, so the two commentators should go in a private call with each other to ensure the least amount of lag.

When commentating matches, start when you get on the first stage where the first match is happening, and continue through till it all ends. That means even commentate in between matches, DO NOT SKIP TO THE NEXT MATCH. You can talk about what you think the players will do, or pick.

In addition, please try not to swear during matches. If you do by accident, oh well, it happens.
Also, remember to do a sync test with the audio counting down from 6, so I can sync up the audio when editing.

I would like to begin recording at the beginning of June and continuing through the month of July, and August as well. If you will not be available right away, please notify me immediately.

Thank you for reading through this long message! Please reply and let me know you have read the rules. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about this tournament. Good luck, and I look forward to smashing with you in the coming months!

(NOTE: I will get everyone to sign up once I've gotten all the players for the tourney)

- Marlz44 - host Have fun! :D

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